How Can I Get in Contact with Dave?

Phone: +1.647.377.2562


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Who is Your Guide?

Dave Trattles has been working as a social documentary photographer and tour guide for over 20 years.

During that time he has recorded and presented stories for CBC, Canadian Geographic. Elle, Maclean's, and many others. He has cycled through 65 countries but his favourite destination is India....and now, after having scouted the route in early 2017, Sri Lanka. 

Ever energetic, lighthearted and positive, Dave is both an ideal guide and travel companion. Previously, Dave has run 5-week tours for youth in Tunisia, Malta, Sicily and Spain as well as assisted with cycle tours in Corsica, Spain, France and Canada.

Joining Dave on the trip will be two local assistants and a driver who knows the route well.  (The van is provided by an approved Sri Lankan tour operator).


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